Ivresse is looking for people to help us create the next generation of designs.
Please click the “Contact” link below if you wish to apply.
Attn: Yamakawa/Murahashi

Job description

Jobs Available

A) Experienced interior designers
Certified first-class architects preferred
(B) Designers
Graphics, product planning, design, presentation, production management, etc.
(C) Office assistants
General clerical work, accounting
* A training or trial period of about 3 months may be required for some jobs (depending on prior experience).

Qualifications, etc.

(A) Certified first-class architect
(B) Graphic design experience preferred
(C) Clerical and accounting experience preferred
Basic computer skills

Work location

▼ A and B
Chuo-ku, Osaka / Minato-ku, Tokyo
* Other locations may be negotiable
▼ C
Chuo-ku, Osaka

Work hours

9:30-18:30 (including 1-hour break)

Monthly salary

Based on Ivresse company provisions
A) 250,000 - 500,000 yen
* Determined based on experience and qualifications
B)230,000 - 300,000 yen
* Determined based on experience and skills
C)210,000 - 280,000 yen
* Determined based on experience and skills


▼ Insurance
Health insurance, pension, unemployment Insurance, workers' compensation
▼ Passive smoking
Smoking is prohibited in all facilities
▼ Other
Salary increases (1x/year)
Bonuses (2x/year, starting the second year)
* Based on performance
Allowances and incentives
Transportation expenses (up to 15,000 yen/month)

Leave and holidays

2 days off per week (Sat and Sun)
Holidays off
Paid vacation
125 days off per year
Summer and year-end/New Year breaks