• Memo pads / jewelry trays

    Vintage-style memo pads and imitation suede jewelry trays.

  • Procurement services / OSE / FFE

    Procurement of guest room fixtures and amenities for One Suite THE GRAND.

  • PA procurement services / OSE / FFE

    Procurement of restaurant furniture, interior decor, and fixtures for One Suite THE GRAND, located at the summit of Kouri Island, Okinawa.

  • Baggage racks

    Baggage racks designed with a natural modern taste.

  • Coordination / Operations

    Coordination of interior decor, fixtures, and amenities for UMITO PLAGE The Atta Okinawa.

  • Tea sets

    Custom-made ata tea set trays. Tea set patterns are selected to match room decor.

  • Kyoto Wazuka black tea / sencha tea

    A brand of tea for hotels made with tea leaves from Wazuka, Kyoto.

  • Tissue cases / remote control cases

    Made with black and gold synthetic leather and coordinated with room decor to create a compact, luxurious space.

  • Stationery

    Stationery with chic colors and elegant workmanship befitting a luxury hotel room.

  • Cypress wood coasters

    Coasters made of Japanese cypress wood. Available in a variety of laser-etched designs.

  • Soap dispensers / soap trays

    The elegant resin finish artfully blends whites and grays to recreate the natural beauty of marble, creating a more impactful bathroom space.

  • Synthetic leather room fixtures

    Tissue cases, stationery trays, and jewelry trays in a gorgeous color combination of brown and burgundy with yellow stitching.

  • Tissue cases / stationery

    Custom made to match room concept colors and enhance guests’ hospitality experience.

  • Amenity packages

    Boxes of amenities in fresh green and blue designs.

  • Bathroom fixtures

    Made using traditional Japanese cypress wood, designed to look beautiful on white-toned basins.

  • Soap trays

    The rich luster of the gold leaf and beautiful, glossy finish of the resin give these soap dishes a high-class feel.

  • Menu covers

    These synthetic leather menu covers contrast gray woven-pattern exteriors with bright blue interiors to create a sophisticated look.

  • Acrylic cup trays

    Thick, sturdy acrylic and intricately designed patterns add an air of luxury to these cup trays. Synthetic leather cord storage boxes

  • Synthetic leather cord storage boxes

    Stylishly made with synthetic leather to store cords and small items.

  • Resin bathroom fixtures

    White resin soap dispensers, tissue cases, and towel trays, elegantly coordinated to impart a clean feel to bathroom spaces.