Our Business

Operation Design to shape hospitality and service

From the small items that guests touch, to the space that makes their stay comfortable.
To create a luxurious hotel where the stay itself becomes an objective of travel,
we offer comprehensive proposals for beautiful designs.


(Planning and Design)

Creative proposals for interiors, things, and systems necessary for guest stays

Our experienced and creative designers will work with your concept, considering harmony and accents to create proposals for fixtures, furniture, interior decorations, and custom designs for guest rooms to public spaces.
We pay attention not only to interior coordination, but also to ensure that items are easy to use and clean, to create long-lasting, beautiful items that are unique to a hotel. The essence of our design is based on the viewpoint of the guest and femininity.

We also focus on graphic design services with the perspective of building brand identity, including corporate identity (CI) planning such as the symbol mark and logotype design, advertising and PR planning, interior and exterior building signage and color planning, as well as product and apparel design.


(Manufacturing and Sales)

Commercialization of planned designs

Every Ivresse item is a custom-made product, tailored to the concept and purpose of guests.The engraving behind items authenticates that they are custom-made exclusively for guests.
It also certifies that the items have passed the strict quality inspection standards based on our technology cultivated over many years with first-class hotels.
According to the requirements of clients, we manufacture products made of various materials such as synthetic leather, fabric, resin, acrylic, ceramics, and wood at domestic and overseas factories.
Our comprehensive services cover production after quality checks, inspection, and packaging through delivery.


(Hotel Opening Support / Procurement Services)

Designing things, experiences, and times to create the space itself.

We can procure everything on your behalf, from custom-made fixtures and bath amenities to furniture, art, and other interior design selections.
We propose space design from the perspectives of both operator and guest, in line with the client’s philosophy, ideals, and budget.

No matter how wonderful the architecture and space, guests will not be satisfied if the items they actually use are not tasteful and practical.
Ivresse has custom-made many of these items and fixtures and advocates the value of everything from fragrances to bath amenities, which create the impression of hospitality. Our strength that sets us apart from other companies is that we use our expertise for details, knowledge, and experience to provide proposals that go beyond the needs of clients.


Operations and Facility Management
(Hotel Operations, etc.)

Comprehensive support for the hotel business, ranging from social media marketing to hotel management

We will apply Ivresse expertise to conduct operations for the facility that we have procured furniture, interior, and fixtures for, by employing both in-house and outside designers and engineers.
In addition to lodging facility operation, our subsidiary Ivresse Hospitality LLC will hire the experts required for the operation of French restaurants, housekeeping, and other for smooth hotel operations.
Ivresse’s goal is to maintain and manage the valuable buildings entrusted to us by clients in the course of our operations, and make them more profitable.
The facilities we operate serve as showrooms for our work, and the knowledge we gain is fed back into our creation, production, and coordination businesses.


We operate “postayle,” a PR service that includes influencer marketing to promote the attractiveness of hotels and inns through social media, support for conducting social media operations, and creating videos.

In keeping with the times, we offer an original travel-specific service under the name “postayle,” which combines the three words “post, stay, and style.”